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We met in May, 2012 in front of an open fire in a lodge in the Scottish Highlands: I was Xiaoting & Alon a tour after a work trip to Edinburgh from US; Al was on a hiking trip from South England. I got moved from a hostel to the lodge last minute by my tour guide; Al was waiting for his friend to come back from a long trek after an unsuccessful plan to paraglide nearby. We both needed bit warmth in that cold May in Scotland. Long story short: It was on a promise of a free tandem flight with his friend that I came back to visit Al a few weeks later in South England and started our journey together paragliding, para-waiting and hiking.

Looking back, we always feel incredibly lucky that we found each other as how slim is the odds for a Chinese working in US to meet and fall in love with a (very cute) Brit on holiday. To celebrate the miracle of meeting each other, we thought there was no better way than a trip that can quench our thirst for adventure and hunger for flying – the passions in our lives that led us to each other on a cold day in Sottish Highlands in 2012 and bound us together ever since.

Leaving our jobs behind, we will explore and fly in Colombia, Brazil and Peru between December, 2014 and June, 2015. We will blog our adventures here, and also share some travel and flying tips that we hope some of you will find interesting and useful.

You can keep up with our cross country flying on XContest: XiaotingAlasdair

More about us: Al

Name: Alasdair Jones

Paragliding since: 2008

Glider: Gradient Aspen 4

Harness: Karpo Fly Fantom Extralight

Other fun facts about Al: Electronic musician (perfect for paragliding video music!). Tracks can be found on Carbon Logic.

XiaotingName: Xiaoting Hou Jones

Paragliding since: 2013

Glider: Niviuk Hook 3

Harness: GIN Verso

Other fun facts about Xiaoting: Great cook (endorsed by Al!); have no sense of direction but lots of interesting stories of getting lost in some parts of the world!